Radiology Services – Veterinary X-rays

Floreat Vet diagnosing black cat with radiographs X-ray machineVeterinary radiology services are an important part of diagnosing, managing and treating your pet’s medical conditions. At Floreat Veterinary Centre, our new on-site radiology services are fully-equipped for emergency and non-emergency situations.

Veterinary X-ray Machine

Floreat Veterinary Centre is equipped with a brand new state-of-the-art radiology machine and digital film processor. This powerful piece of equipment allows diagnostic investigation into areas including:

Talk to Our Veterinary Radiologists in Perth

If your pet requires an x-ray, talk to the team at Floreat Veterinary Centre today. Our passionate veterinary team provide services to Perth’s western suburbs including Wembley, Subiaco and City Beach.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about your pet’s behaviour or health, you can also make an appointment with our trained vets and we can perform investigations which may include radiology.

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