Little dog terrier hold by a doctor for a desexing examination

At Floreat Veterinary Centre, we offer professional pet desexing services in the Perth area. Desexing dogs and cats will prevent unwanted pregnancies in your pet.

Desexing Cats and Dogs in Perth

As well as from preventing accidental litters, there are also many health and behavioural benefits of pet desexing. These include:

  • Decreased likelihood of contracting certain illnesses such as mammary cancer, uterine infections in females and prostate problems in males
  • Reduced behaviour problems such as aggression and urine marking
  • Reduced desire to roam, which also reduces the risk of being in a traumatic accident such as being hit by a car.

We recommend that you bring your dog or cat for desexing between the ages of 5 ½ and 6 months old (for most breeds). Book an appointment with one of our expert vets today.

Pre and Post-Operative Desexing Care

The procedure of desexing your male or female cat or dog is very straightforward. Our team of professional vets will make sure that your pet receives the best quality care. Our vet will discuss the procedure with you, but for peace of mind, here are a couple of helpful post-operation tips and facts.

For Desexed Dogs

  • Most dogs are able to go home on the same day as their surgery.
  • Offer your dog a small meal at dinner time but don’t worry if your pup doesn’t want to eat anything. Your dog should be more interested in food after 24 hours.
  • While the area is healing, make sure it stays clean and dry.

For Desexed Cats

  • Male cats recover from desexing surgery very quickly and are back to normal within a day or two. Females have a more invasive procedure and should be kept comfortable and quiet for 10 days.
  • Offer food, but don’t worry if your cat doesn’t want to eat anything. Your kitten or cat should be more interested in food after 24 hours.
  • Keep your pet cat inside until the surgical wound is completely healed and all stitches are removed.

If you have any concerns or questions about desexing cats or dogs in Perth, we are just a phone call away. Contact Floreat Veterinary Centre or visit us in Perth today.