Understanding Your Cat’s Personality

Cartoon squares of different cat facesCats have different personalities, depending on the breed. Some are active and some are lazy, some extroverted and some introverted. Some will demand your attention, whereas some will enjoy spending time on their own. Choosing the right cat is as important for you as it is important for the pet itself.

When deciding what kind of cat to bring into your life, it’s important to consider how much time you have to give to the cat and what kind of temperament would best be suited to yours. Floreat Veterinary Centre has produced profiles of five common cats’ personalities to help you get started on your quest for the perfect cat pal.


Intelligent and highly affectionate, these cats are extroverted, social and like to always be near people. Described as the most ‘dog-like’ of cats, Siamese are prone to building close affections for a single person and in keeping with their dog-like status, they can be trained to retrieve balls for you.

However, Siamese can be highly demanding and may not be perfect for the owner who wants company but doesn’t necessarily want it in their face all the time. Their highly social and demanding personalities also mean they can suffer from depression if left alone for extended periods. They’re therefore not suited to someone staying long hours at work or at least not if there’s no one else to play with.


Burmese share a common ancestry with Siamese and demonstrate many of the same characteristics. They are highly sociable, playful, vocal and human-oriented. They too will engage in games of fetch with humans. Some say they are less clingy than Siamese.


The Persian cat hearkens back to the civilisation of ancient Persia. It is placid by nature, undemanding, quiet and well-suited to apartment life. They are quietly affectionate and more likely to tolerate strangers than some. They are extremely clean but also very fluffy – necessitating more vacuuming than other breeds.

Australian Mist

Australian Mist is a recent breed of cat developed in the last 50 years or so in Australia. It has been bred to be fairly easy to deal with and disinclined to scratch or hunt wildlife as much as other animals. They’re not quite as lively in maturity as Siamese or Burmese but they make a thoroughly hospitable companion.


The Abyssinian is a breed that hails from Ethiopia (once known as ‘Abyssinia’) and is noted for its intelligence, curiosity and loyalty. They prefer lots of space to explore and are even inclined to go in water, making them better suited to an outdoor environment with plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Choose the Right Vet for Your Furry Friend

Choosing any pet is a big choice, and cats have an especially large variety of personalities. Choosing the right one for your living situation is important for both cat and owner. If you need any advice on choosing a cat, have a chat to one of our friendly staff at Floreat Veterinary Centre. When it comes to maintaining the veterinary needs of your new feline, contact us on 08 9383 773 for any services you require!