Preparing for a New Pet

Puppy with mother and daughter

Bringing home a new pet is one of life’s great excitements, no matter how many pets you’ve had before! Pets bring new joys into our lives and they each have their own personalities to add to the family but it’s important to not take the task lightly.

Pets can present challenges as well as rewards and it’s important to take all precautionary steps to ensure that you and your new friend both transition to your new environments as happily as possible. The team at Floreat Veterinary Centre has prepared a bit of info to help you with this exciting journey.

Make Sure You’re Completely Ready for a New Pet

This may sound like obvious advice, but many people are surprised by how much work a pet is – especially if it’s their first. A pet isn’t simply there to fulfil your needs or provide you amusement; it’s an active member of the family with its own needs and quirks.

Think about your own life circumstances and the pressures put upon you by work, leisure and family. Ensure that you have the time and the patience to look after a pet. Perhaps you want one but you’re travelling too much or can’t manage the responsibility at this point in your life. It’s important to consider your needs because that will enable you to best provide for the needs of your new friend, whenever that friend happens to arrive!

Some Practical Things to Consider

  •  Suit the pet to the house – How big is your house, and how big is the animal? While cats might be better suited to smaller homes or apartments, dogs often require more space to run and exercise. If your house is not especially spacious, is there a park nearby where you can take them to exercise?
  • Prepare the house for the new pet – Clean the house and put away valuable objects. You should block off spaces that might be dangerous for unpredictable pets.
  • Vaccination and microchipping – Talk to a vet prior to getting your pet about having her vaccinated and microchipped. There are some essential vaccines that all pets must have for their own and society’s health. Microchipping is important and now largely mandatory in Western Australia. Having your pet microchipped means they have a far greater chance of being returned to you if they run away or get lost.
  • Dietary requirements and training – Consult with your vet to decide on the best diet for your new friend and the best way to feed them. Also, consider what kind of training is most appropriate for the breed and how often they’ll need exercise.
  • Your current pets – If you already have a pet, consider its feelings and temperament and how it is likely to respond to a new companion. Before thinking about your new friend, think about your old one!

New pets are a joy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sometimes a chore. Our team are pet-lovers as well as veterinarians so Contact us today for vaccinations or microchipping. If you’d like to be a part of our Puppy Pre-School, call us on 08 9383 7773!