Our Favourite Pet Accessories and Products

Cat with scratching postThere are untold wonders awaiting the eager shopper in the pet accessory world. Depending on how much you want to spend, it might be your taste to deck your pooch out in the latest high-end Parisian fashion. Personally, that’s not our style so we’ve put together some practical essentials for your dog or cat’s happiness and health.

Accessories for Dogs

Poo Bag Dispenser

If you’re the one taking your dog for a walk, chances are you’re going to have to deal with his poo. There’s nothing worse than seeing your dog hunch up for delivery and realising you’ve forgotten a bag. Get a poo bag dispenser that is always in reach when you walk out the door so you’re never caught without. Additionally, proper bags are designed for the task and won’t have the unfortunate hole in the bottom that you’ll find in scrunched up, old shopping bags. Yuck!

Doggy Door

While some dogs are just too big for this device, it is perfect for those energetic, smaller dogs who insist on roaming the entirety of your property in 60-second intervals (we’re looking at you, Jack Russells). Train your dog to go to the bathroom outside and that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Anti-Anxiety Dog Vests

Awareness of dog anxiety is increasing amongst pet owners and some accessory makers have designed anti-anxiety dog vests that exert minor pressure, simulating the feeling of being held and making an anxious pooch a bit calmer on those scary walks outside.

Accessories for Cats

Cylindrical Cat Cave

Cats are often content to play by themselves but they are also creative in their styles of play (and can get into more places). Cylindrical cat caves are perfect for games of chase and for hiding out from playmates. Indoor cats are especially fond of enclosed spaces. It’s a tunnel of fun.

Scratching Post

The time-honoured cat scratching post is a cat owner’s classic. Good scratching posts will be robust and satisfying, without allowing your cat’s claws to get caught. In the wild, cats’ claws would naturally be worn down with use and a scratching post simulates some of this natural inclination. Furthermore, they also make a good place to sit when keeping an eye on humans.

Kong Wobbler for Cats

The Kong, a favourite chew toy for dogs, has been refashioned for cats. With a weighted semi-cylindrical bottom, it wobbles back and forth to provide an irresistible temptation for swiping kitty paws. Fill it with treats as a further incentive (and distraction) for your mischievous cat.

Deck Your Pet Out with Attentive Care

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