Our Favourite Pet Accessories and Products

Cat with scratching postThere are untold wonders awaiting the eager shopper in the pet accessory world. Depending on how much you want to spend, it might be your taste to deck your pooch out in the latest high-end Parisian fashion. Personally, that’s not our style so we’ve put together some practical essentials for your dog or cat’s happiness and health.


The ABCs of Responsible Pet Ownership

Smiling blonde woman holds up Siamese catOwning a pet is a great joy but it’s also a great responsibility. Pets are not an amusement that you can simply turn off when bored. Pets bring their own personalities, needs and flaws that must be considered in advance before deciding to get one. In this article, we’re taking a look at the basics of responsible pet ownership.


Understanding Your Cat’s Personality

Cartoon squares of different cat facesCats have different personalities, depending on the breed. Some are active and some are lazy, some extroverted and some introverted. Some will demand your attention, whereas some will enjoy spending time on their own. Choosing the right cat is as important for you as it is important for the pet itself.

When deciding what kind of cat to bring into your life, it’s important to consider how much time you have to give to the cat and what kind of temperament would best be suited to yours. Floreat Veterinary Centre has produced profiles of five common cats’ personalities to help you get started on your quest for the perfect cat pal.


Final Goodbye – Putting Your Pet to Sleep

Dog on vet clinic benchSaying goodbye to a loved one is especially hard, even when those loved ones aren’t human. The lives of our pets are short compared to ours and sometimes they are shorter than we’d hoped they’d be; shorter than they deserved. Our furry friends’ little lives are brief shining moments and we should lay them to rest as best we can. After the joys they bring to our lives, it’s only proper to do them this final kindness. Here is some expert advice on handling this sensitive time.


Pet Insurance – Is It Really Worth It?

Pet insurance form

Many pet owners say they would go to any expense to get their pet the medical treatment it needs, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, life throws many challenges at us, sometimes all at once, so it’s better to safeguard your financial future as well as your pet’s future well-being. Make sure the tough times don’t need to be any tougher if they do come.


Preparing for a New Pet

Puppy with mother and daughter

Bringing home a new pet is one of life’s great excitements, no matter how many pets you’ve had before! Pets bring new joys into our lives and they each have their own personalities to add to the family but it’s important to not take the task lightly.

Pets can present challenges as well as rewards and it’s important to take all precautionary steps to ensure that you and your new friend both transition to your new environments as happily as possible. The team at Floreat Veterinary Centre has prepared a bit of info to help you with this exciting journey.


Lumps and Bumps – Unscheduled Visits to the Vet

Dog being examined for lumps by vet

Lumps and bumps are probably the most frequent cause of unscheduled visits to the vet. We are all aware of the risks of cancer to ourselves, and so we are rightly concerned if we suspect it on our furry friends. If you find an unusual lump on your pet, it is best to see a veterinarian right away. The sooner a problem is discovered, the greater the chance it can be effectively dealt with.

A lump doesn’t always mean cancer, much less death – but still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here is a quick overview of what lumps and bumps could mean.


Pet Allergies – They Are a Real

Dog scratching on grass

Many of us know how unpleasant allergies can be; sneezing, wheezing, coughing and sputter, itchiness and rashes – the list goes on! Allergies are the immune system’s overly sensitive response to some particular substance or environment. Dogs and cats have allergies, too, and it’s tough to always know what’s causing it so we’ve put together this simple guide for owners!


What Does That Meow Mean?

Cat meowing Cats make a lot of noises – some endearing, some scary, some simply strange. Their vocalisations are varied and can mean any number of things, exhibiting much more complexity than the vocalisations of a dog. Being attentive to your cat’s vocalisations can help develop your relationship and keep you in tune with each other’s feelings. Here are a few examples to get you going!


Understanding Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Terrier holding toothbrush in mouth

Most of us realise the importance of keeping our dental hygiene in top condition. Brushing our teeth is drummed into us at an early age – so much so that we often don’t think about it. The problem occurs when we don’t think about it enough when it comes to our beloved dogs.

According to the Australian and American Veterinary Dental Societies, more than 80% of dogs will develop gum disease by age three. The team here at Floreat Veterinary Centre is here to give you a quick overview of the essentials of Doggy dental care.